Living in Harmony with Nature and teaching others to garden the natural (organic) way, with emphasis on practices that lead to NUTRIENT DENSE produce!

Harmony Gardens

Harmony Gardens
Bey Home designed by Stitt Energy Systems, Inc. 2002

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Our intent is simple: to provide useful information on gardening, health and sustainability issues. We will include class and meeting announcements, gardening information, and book reviews. The articles that Calvin writes for Garden Thyme, the Master Gardener Newsletter will be included. We will try to make this site easy to use and relevant.

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Harmony Gardens is the home of Calvin and Doris Bey. As the name implies our goal is to live in harmony with the Laws of Nature. We are concerned about the environment, energy efficiency, organic gardening, alternative health, and sustainability issues. We love our Stitt Energy Systems Inc. energy efficient home, which received a First Place NAHB National Award for 2003. Calvin is a retired USDA Forest Service scientist. Each year he teaches classes in Organic Gardening in February and March and again in September. Doris is a retired RN. Calvin and Doris have put their energy efficient house up for sale (by owner). See first post for description, pictures, and house design.

July 22, 2008

Potato bugs and corn photos


Leigh said...

Good Morning Calvin & Doris! Thanks for the hint about DE. Luckily, our potatoes went untouched this year so far. I've considered using DE for other pests -- but have hesitated out of concern of how it affects earthworms. Do you know if it does if used on the surface? And what about if it makes it into compost and is then incorporated into soil -- could it harm worms then?

your friend,

Ed said...

Very good question Leigh.I would also be interested in weather or not DE could possibly be compatible with worm's.I actually have been curious about weather or not the DE was harmful for the worm's or not.I moved to Bull Shoal's AR. and the insect's here are nothing like what I'm used to coming from the Central Coast in Ca.So when I found out about the DE I was stoked,being as I'm an organic type of person,for health reason's especially.I got to say,that it's been a challange trying to find good organic produce,anytime,especially in the winter,and last summer(my first here)the bug's ate two third's of what I planted.So any tip's on what and how to grow organically,are very much appreciated.Namaste Ed

Garden 2007

Garden 2007
Heirloom "Country Gentleman" Corn